Established in 1975

At Adult Learning Programs of Alaska, we focus our resources on educational services to underserved populations. The job skills component of our mission has also been present throughout Adult Learning Programs of Alaska's history.

​We are a member of the Alaska Job Center Network which is a partnership of governmental and non-profit entities who partner services and leverage resources to better meet the employment needs of communities.

Service to others is our reason for being. Our commitment to respect and dignity for all is the foundation for what we do. And we know that support at all levels is essential to guiding professional and personal growth.

Tools for Success

At ALPA, we believe that an open mind is a valuable tool in both the classroom and the workplace. The ability to find creative solutions to unforeseen challenges can be an essential aspect of success. Therefore, we encourage every client to keep an open mind and find out how ALPA can best help you succeed.

Another necessary tool for both classroom and workplace success is a willingness to learn. Every new classroom or workplace experience requires us to learn new skills and routines. Being open to learning can be an employee's most valuable trait. The desire to learn a skill is often the best place to start.

About Us

Adult Learning Programs of Alaska